i grew up in a small town in the much drier and agriculturally inclined eastern side of washington state. i started playing around with video work in 5th grade, and come high school that morphed into an interest in photography. multimedia classes and ‘borrowed’ yearbook cameras gave me plenty of time to play with digital outside of my own film experiments. a few months after i graduated high school, i packed my bags and moved to australia.

that time in australia lead me to the middle east, and for a month and a half i struggled and found myself with a people i had never before paid attention to. i shyly photographed smiling children and pained mothers in refugee camps, and discovered the person i once knew was now the one suffering alongside a people long oppressed. that time abroad radically shaped my life, my perspective, my politics, my relationships and my art.

afterwards, i landed back in the pacific northwest and poked my head into things, one of which being a photography school in hawaii.

i attended the school in early 2008 and was tossed into a twelve week full-on photography course, covering everything from basic technique, to critique, to use of color. we studied various photographic genres and ventured into studio work and lighting. six hours a day, all about photography.

from hawaii i moved to new orleans to volunteer with disaster relief work. six months later i surprisingly found myself back in washington, amongst the endearing embrace of rolling hills. i spent some much needed time at home before relocating to seattle, and then portland oregon.

as far as art and photography go however, i think the writer cs lewis in his book the great divorce says it best: “light itself was your first love: you loved paint only as a means of telling about light.”

i’d like to sincerely thank you for visiting my site and for checking out my paint - i hope it leaves you with a little light.